Our Laboratory

Safety evaluation of structures from the viewpoint of mechanics is the most important issue at every stage of the infrastructure development. "Comprehensive and reliable modeling of fundamental mechanical behavior" is a key point in applied mechanics and development of a numerical prediction method is necessary in order to explain a measurement of observation or a laboratory experiment, scientifically. Our laboratory studies mechanical theory and its application, and aims to cultivate human resources who can develop studies and pass research achievements to the next generations.



  1. Associate Professor Abbas Khayyer was invited to join the Editorial Board of Ocean Engineering
    ( August 2018; https://www.journals.elsevier.com/ocean-engineering/news/ocean-engineering-welcomes-new-board-member )
  2. Associate Professor Abbas Khayyer received the C.H. Kim Award
    ( June 2018; http://www.isope.org/index.php/conferences-symposia-and-workshops/)
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